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Project: Art Collector's Manse


  • PanoramAH! PH 38 
  • Sliding,Pivot and Fixed units
  • Open Corner Sliders
  • Glass to Glass Butt Glazing
  • Custom Pivot Door


Resources from around the world come together to create a modern residence that frames and brings into focus the owner’s extensive art collection. The project located on the waterfront in Darien CT, was the work of a renowned Australian architect who selected PanoramAH! (Designed in Switzerland, manufactured in Portugal) minimal frame sliding glass panels to allow the house's outdoor sculpture gardens to become integral to the home's living spaces.

The thoroughly modern minimalist design features many unique design elements. Along the rear elevations a 60-foot-wide, sliding three-panel motorized door peels away from an open corner formed by an adjoining three panel motorized door 45 feet wide. With very large movable glass panels, special accommodations are required to account for the weight of the glass and the forces generated when the panels are in motion.  A floating spring-loaded header was installed to account for double the normal structural displacement without compromising the installation’s beauty or performance.

Another notable opening is a single panel 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall designed to slide in front of an exterior wall to create a clear opening. The glass moves along a track mounted to the building exterior riding in front of other windows without eclipsing them.  Viewed from the interior this glass disappears. The home’s modern clean feel is enhanced by several locations where glass joins directly to glass made by butt glazing glass corners. The exceptional front door is a single pivot featuring a custom wood insert with decorative horizontal strips.   

A work of art to living in an among other works of art

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