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Project: Rustic Luxury


  • Panoramah! Structural Glazing Minimal Window System – 38 Series with Anodized Aluminum Profiles
  • Low-E Toughened/Tempered Glass  with Argon Filled Cavity 
  • System Hardware 


While large sliding glass panels are a key feature in "minimalist" architectural design, the ability to span very large openings makes PanoramAH! ideal for many varying styles. In this case, a very rustic barn-style home centers on a great room in the middle of the floor plan with completely open sides, nearly 30 feet wide each. 

The Architect wanted a very unique unobstructed opening, with grand proportions that would bring the outdoor feel to indoor spaces. By selecting Panoramah the client was able to incorporate a series of weathertight glass panels 30 feet across in full barndoor (15 feet) height.  When open, all five panels slide away to disappear into a wall pocket.  This was a game changer, eliminating the need for transom windows using massive openings with the correct proportions for a barn-style design. The ultra-modern siding glass doors also permit the operation of large decorative wooden shutters designed to mimic barn doors central to the rustic theme.

This same door-behind-door motif repeats in several locations, providing beauty, performance, and flexibility.

Performance in Rustic Design 

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