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The DISCOVERY process:

  • Establish the how the project is UNIQUE
  • What will be the home’s HIGHLIGHTS
  • Identify the DNA for the overall design

    The DISCOVERY process establishes the unique features of the project, going beyond the obvious of location, budget, and scope of work. What will be the headline when Architectural Digest publishes a feature article about the space? The purpose of the discovery phase is to identify the characteristics that will make the work special. Various design iterations and alternates are explored, evaluated and contrasted. A good design’s fundamentals will generate excitement that becomes as much a part of the house as the roof and walls. Experience, critical at every stage of a custom project, is the essential foundation required to surpass what has been done before. We bring design possibilities to life, discarding the ordinary, to create the truly exceptional.

  • Tools: Sketches, Photographs, CAD Files, 3D Conceptual Diagrams, Reference Works, Catalogs, Samples, Mock-ups
  • Deliverables: Conceptual Design, Architectural Program, Detailed Material
  • Personnel: Design Director, Project Developer

    The DEFINITION process:

  • Establish how the Windows and Doors express UNIQUE factors and Highlights of the project
  • Examines Budget Projections, Site Requirements & Technical Considerations
  • Finalizes selection of Size, Material, Operation, Hardware and Finish options

    Under the supervision of our Design Director, the DEFINITION stage aims to establish how the unique factor(s) driving the design will be expressed by the windows and doors of the residence. Budget parameters, along with site requirements, wind load restrictions, and Thermal Performance are evaluated. Our creative and open-minded approach, supported by our technical expertise, becomes a springboard for the Design team. We illustrate the relevant Size, Material, Operation, Hardware and Finish options for the Designers and Owners.

  • Tools: Sketches, Three-Dimensional Rendering, Models, Reference Works
  • Deliverables: Conceptual Design, Architectural Program
  • Personnel: Design Director, Project Developer

    The DESIGN process:

  • Generates Construction Documents specifying the scope of work pertaining to the Windows and Doors
  • Establishes Budget Projections & Project Timeline

    The focus of the DESIGN phase is on generating documents which express the unique design elements in a way that can be constructed. Coordination of the structural, mechanical, waterproofing and any necessary electrical components of the design, must be accounted for with the greatest degree of accuracy possible. Construction Documents which clearly and concisely depict all the work and properly integrate the array of overlapping construction disciplines are created. Relevant wind load calculations and requirements are addressed. As the design becomes finalized, the material costs and the installation timeline are further refined, establishing reasonable expectations for completion.

  • Tools: Specifications, Schedules, Plans, Elevations, Building Sections, Building Information Models (BIM)
  • Deliverables: Bidding/Contract Documents, Construction Schedule
  • Personnel: Design Director, Production Department

    The DEVELOPMENT process:

  • Moves from design to fabrication
  • Covers the generation of the shop drawings
  • Shipping of completed Units to the construction site

    DEVELOPMENT is the stage of a project where the various components of the design are fabricated. The final approved design, illustrated by the construction documents, must be extracted and broken-down, item by item, into Shop Drawings. Calculations needed to engineer the design to meet all code and structural requirements are confirmed on the “shops”. These Shop Drawings then guide the manufacture of the specific window and door units, as well as their installation within the structure. Once the specific package of custom windows and doors has been manufactured, the glass begins its journey to the construction site.

  • Tools: Shop Drawings, Logistics Plan, Shipping & Trucking
  • Deliverables: Fabricated Windows and Doors
  • Personnel: Project Manager, Fabricator, Logistics Team, Shipper

    The DEPLOYMENT process:

  • Installs the custom fabricated windows and doors into the shell of the building
  • Final installation & tuning for flawless operation
  • Warranty delivery & Training of permanent site personnel on all operation and maintenance protocols

    DEPLOYMENT refers to the process of knitting all the fabricated elements together into the construction of the home. Usually the last of the building’s exterior envelope components to be installed after the roof and walls, windows and doors make the project watertight. Generally, the majority of the installation process is completed at this early stage while the building is still a “shell” and subsequently protected for the balance of the work. Once the interior has been “fit-out” with floor, wall and ceiling finishes applied, a final precise tightening and tuning of the windows and doors is performed to ensure the final “true” installation operates perfectly. A few very simple maintenance routines are reviewed, and the warranty paperwork is provided covering both material and installation.

  • Tools: Suction Cup Lift, Waterproofing Materials, Fasteners
  • Deliverables: Installed Windows and Doors, & Warranty
  • Personnel: Project Manager, Installation Team
  • If you can envision it, then we can build it.
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