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1. 20mm profile sight line between the panes
2. Optimal interior to exterior transparency and continuity with pane sizes ranging up to 29m(2)
3. 98% of the window surface being structural glass
4. Flexibility and suitability to complex geometrical situations
5. Creative optional infill materials such as stone, timber or aluminum cladding
6. Configurations comprising opening corners, curved spanning and pocket sliding into wall, ceiling or floor.
7. The embedded sill, avoiding physical or visual obstructions
8. Motorization, connection and compatibility with home automation and security systems.

minimalist windows

The modern concept of the panoramic window – one of Le Corbusier’s proposed five points for a new architecture– seeks to maximize the spans and openings of rooms to light and landscape: the window is converted into a large “screen”. Panoramah!® glazing system is a culmination of this widely deployed modern design concept, ensuring maximum transparency and excellent performance using the latest, most advanced technology.


Panoramah!® is a state-of-the-art sliding aluminum casement system that explores the structural properties of glass, enabling the execution of large glazed areas with the use of vertical, minimal (slender) aluminum profiles, resulting in great elegance. Unlike traditional casement systems, structural glass is Panoramah!®’s self-supporting, main component, while the aluminum frame takes on the secondary functions of guiding its sliding motion, providing additional structural reinforcement and ensuring the window’s sealing capacity.


The mechanical and structural properties of Panoramah!®’s window panels take away the need for all peripheral elements that compose traditional window systems, by embedding the casement in adjacent architectural elements such as walls, floor or ceiling, thus enabling a huge unobstructed perspective. The 3/4 inch vertical profiles keep a consistent, unifying and almost imperceptible connection between glass panes, simultaneously allowing for reliable and robust weatherproofing at the same time fully maximizing the glazed surface area.


The Panoramah!® sliding structural glass panel dimensions are only constrained by the industrial production capacity limiting glass processing. Their design, assembly and fine-tuned mechanical hardware allow for the perfect handling of up to 312 square foot sliding glass panels. These structurally bonded glass/aluminum sliding units are kept balanced and centered over a patented track system, comprised of double rows of stainless-steel ball-bearing rollers, fitted in a removable table nested within the external casement profile.

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